Pickwick Plaza| Kansas City, MO

Earlier this summer, the much anticipated renovations of the Pickwick Plaza was unveiled in Kansas City. The preservation and architecture teams did a stunning job and we were pleased to be able to provide stone to match the original Napoleon Gray wainscotting.

The large mixed-use complex, located at 9-10th & McGee streets, originally housed the Pickwick Hotel, an office building, a parking garage and one of the largest bus terminals west of the Mississippi. Designed in 1929 by Wight & Wight, the building is one of many prominent civic buildings designed by the Kansas City firm – including City Hall, the Jackson County Courthouse and the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art.
— Helix KC

The Pickwick Plaza has a fascinating history and we are so excited to see it returned to its former glory. The partnership of Rosin Preservation and Helix Architecture beautifully revitalized the space while maintaining it's unique historical elements. The amazing transformation can be seen below.

If you're interested in projects and photos like these, Rosin Preservation has a wonderful Instagram account showing of their many amazing project in the KC and regional area.

If you're interested in projects and photos like these, Rosin Preservation has a wonderful Instagram account showing of their many amazing project in the KC and regional area.

Carthage Stoneworks did the beautiful stone restoration and installation work you see in the photos. This is not the first project we've worked on with Carthage and we're sure it is far from the last. Earlier this year they used our stone in the incredible renovation of the Bloch Galleries at the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum.

For historical photos of the Pickwick Plaza and more details about the project and the building itself, please check out this article from Helix.

History Behind Kansas City's Pickwick Plaza - Opening Today After $65-Million Renovation - Helix Architecture + Design

One of Kansas City's earliest and largest mixed-use developments, Pickwick Plaza has a rich history as a downtown destination and transportation hub. Although the structure was substantially underutilized throughout the late 20th-century, the renovation of this iconic structure to its former glory is celebrating its grand opening today.

Bennett Springs Time Capsule

The Missouri State Parks system observed its 100th anniversary on Sunday and Phenix was honored to be part of the celebration.

To commemorate the 100th anniversary, the system commissioned a time capsule to be opened in 2117. Each of the state's 91 parks are represented in the time capsule by a variety of submitted objects. The deputy director of the parks, David Kelly, says, "There are lots of photos and letters to future directors or park superintendents, artifacts, patches. We put things in there like copies of our budget, copies of our social media stuff, cause we don't know what they'll be using technology wise then. It'll be interesting to look back 100 years on how we operated our system today. " (OzarksFirst)

The time capsule is located in Bennett Springs State Park, the oldest in the system, and features a custom Phenix Marble head piece.

Finished piece is 3" thick and 38"x38", solid slab of Fleuri cut Phenix stone.

Finished piece is 3" thick and 38"x38", solid slab of Fleuri cut Phenix stone.

The beautiful design was submitted by the State and engraved for us by the Monument Shoppe here in Springfield. The block was cut and hand finished at Phenix's fabrication shop and from there was delivered to Bennett Springs to be installed in time for the dedication.

We have no doubt that the time capsule will just as beautiful 100 years from now. Phenix stone is strong and resilient, and if there is any doubt, a quick inspection of any of the numerous 100+ year old buildings constructed with Phenix stone will provide all the necessary proof.

MO State Capitol Pt 3

The newly installed Phenix Marble stairs at the South entrance of the Missouri State Capitol were on full display at yesterday's gubernatorial inauguration. We know we've said it before, but we were so proud to be able to provide the stone for this Capitol renovation project and we don't think we're going to get tired of seeing those beautiful steps any time soon.

In previous posts we showed you the process for installing the stairs and pavers. Below is a look at the finishing and installation for the large pavers for the landing of the South Steps. Each of these pieces measured 61" x 62" x 6.5" and weighed 2,325 lbs. With the high density and resilience of our stone, we expect to see these in place for many generations to come. 

MO State Capitol Update

We're happy to announce that Phase I of the Missouri State Capitol renovation project is now complete. Not only is it complete, but it was finished ahead of schedule. Per a press release in the Missouri Times:

Phase I of the Missouri State Capitol renovation and repair project included:
o Renovation and repair of the exterior stone terraces, south steps, east steps, and east and west carriage drives which included a new waterproofing membrane to replace the system installed in the past which had exceeded its useful life;
o Repairs of the existing concrete substructure that had deteriorated over the years because of water penetration;
o Stone work where mortar and sealant joints had failed and were allowing water to infiltrate interior occupied space on the Governor’s upper terrace was repaired; and
o Repair work to the building terraces, which generally consisted of replacing or repairing: damaged stone; concrete support beams and slab; storm drains, waterproof sheet membranes; and joint materials.

Phenix was involved in the repair of the south steps and terrace and produced custom pieces for each. You can find pictures and more information about the project in our previous blog post from Oct. 17. We'll be sure to include more updates on this project as they become available.