MO State Capitol Update

We're happy to announce that Phase I of the Missouri State Capitol renovation project is now complete. Not only is it complete, but it was finished ahead of schedule. Per a press release in the Missouri Times:

Phase I of the Missouri State Capitol renovation and repair project included:
o Renovation and repair of the exterior stone terraces, south steps, east steps, and east and west carriage drives which included a new waterproofing membrane to replace the system installed in the past which had exceeded its useful life;
o Repairs of the existing concrete substructure that had deteriorated over the years because of water penetration;
o Stone work where mortar and sealant joints had failed and were allowing water to infiltrate interior occupied space on the Governor’s upper terrace was repaired; and
o Repair work to the building terraces, which generally consisted of replacing or repairing: damaged stone; concrete support beams and slab; storm drains, waterproof sheet membranes; and joint materials.

Phenix was involved in the repair of the south steps and terrace and produced custom pieces for each. You can find pictures and more information about the project in our previous blog post from Oct. 17. We'll be sure to include more updates on this project as they become available.