2017 - Trail of Honor

One project we were particularly glad to be a part of this year was the Trail of Honor - a partnership between the Ozarks Greenway and Missouri Veterans Cemetery.  The dedication ceremony took place this October.

A special new one-mile trail section called the Trail of Honor is now open, meandering along the banks of the beautiful James River and through the edge of the Missouri Veterans Cemetery! This unprecedented trail segment is made possible by a partnership between the Missouri Veterans Commission, C.W. Titus Foundation, and Ozark Greenways donors. We invite you to travel through this landscape with respectful reflection in honor of our country’s veterans.
— Ozarks Greenways

The trail head is flanked by large pieces of Phenix stone - representing the dedication and service of our veterans. Along the length of the trail are Phenix benches featuring the seal of each of the military branches. 

Mary NeelyComment