Split Face Veneer

People who are building for posterity build in stone. Whether mortared or dry-stacked, our limestone is a choice of distinction for your project. Our material is produced to order in the dimension and quantity required. It is priced by pattern (the distribution of sizes in the order) and weight. 

  • Patterns


Phenix produces cut limestone pieces for wall and pillar caps, as well as for sills and banding. These pieces beautifully complement brick masonry as well as our own material. Like the veneer, all trim pieces are cut to order. We feel that the comparison between real stone and cast concrete substitutes is no comparison at all; however, the pricing is comparable.

  • Capping
  • Sills and banding



Phenix produces rustic and more formal stone benches, and can supply a range of flat pieces for stone paths. If your landscaping requires a larger piece, like a boulder or a weathered block, we have a vast assortment from which to choose.

  • Benches
  • Pool coping
  • Landscape pavers
  • Flagstone