Phenix Marble is quarried in large blocks. These blocks can then be sliced in two different ways, vein cut or cross cut, to achieve two distinct patterns. 

Napoleon Gray is a vein cut marble produced by cutting across the stones natural layers. This cut shows a distinctive dark veining that looks something like a seismographic reading -- the technical term for this feature is a stylolite, and these stylolites are how Napoleon Gray can be recognized.

Fleuri is a cross cut, meaning it is cut along those natural layers, across the bed of the stone. When cross cut, the rock reveals the secret of how it was formed: it is the product of millions of pre-historic sea creatures, placed under pressure for millions of years. The Fleuri cut features the recognizable presence of fossils; it is not uncommon to find whole brachiopods or even starfish preserved within the stone.

Both cuts are equally durable, and suitable for any marble application. 



Vein cut

Cross Cut

Cross Cut