Phenix Marble is in great demand for countertops and sinks in kitchens and bathrooms. Many people opt for the Napoleon cut for interior use, and the Fleuri for outdoor kitchens, but this is purely a matter of personal taste. Our craftsmen take particular pride in ensuring that the individual pieces of marble involved in a project work together to create a pleasing total effect no matter which style you choose.

A custom fireplace surround can be designed using soley Phenix marble, or incorporating both our marble and cut limestone. A combination of the two is a perfect way to show off all of the unique characteristics of the stone in one setting. Honed Napoleon Gray or Fleuri is well suited to a modern aesthetic while our live-edged limestone complements a more rustic decor.


The durability and dignity of Napoleon Gray marble made it a popular choice for the flooring and wainscoting of monumental public buildings. Contact us to develop a distinctive tiling pattern for your new construction or renovation project. 

So many historic buildings constructed during the first part of the twentieth century featured Napoleon Gray marble that there has been a continuous, if irregular, demand for supplementary or replacement pieces during repair or renovation. At times, demand for the material could only be met with the marble panels salvaged from historic bathroom stalls. We are pleased to report that today, this material is once again being freshly quarried and is available in sufficient quantity to clad a building of any size.